Ida De Rosis


Architectural studies expanded my knowledge on art, graphics and style. I worked as an architect for years… and afterwards I started drawing handbags inspired by masterpieces of modern art. My intolerance towards uniformity guided me towards creation of items that might be different by their shapes and color variations.
Craftwork of Italian region Marche is well known world wide. Such a contagious attention and affection towards well made items fill me with joy and feed my enthusiasm. Landscape scenery, evocating the ambience from paintings of Fattori, Signorini or Pellizza da Volpedo, makes the work more pleasant and charming. Craftsmen, rich in experience and competency, manage to convey all that beauty into their creations. I own them a great deal and I will never be able to express gratitude enough, particularly for confidence they gave me from the very beginning.