A dream
It is 1946 and Florence is devastated by the war. And just when you think that everything is lost that people like Mario Landi, the patriarch of the family, carry on, and dreaming about a better future. That dream came true with the opening of a small workshop of leather goods in Piazza Pitti, where everything he learned as a young boy from master artisans of the time came to fruition.

A family
The legacy left by Mario was taken over by his sons, Marco and Monica Landi, who took the small workshop and turned it into an important manufacturing center, sought out by illustrious fashion brand to manufacture their own leather goods.

A Vision
The Landi have always believed that that every work accomplished using hand abilities is a form of art. Shaping leather into something beautiful is art. Forging timeless pieces from the imagination of the mind is art. This belief, along with the longstanding tradition as master artisans combined with previous experiences as designer for famous international fashion brands has prompted the family to create a brand that carries their own name: Landi.
Landi is art, beauty and stands for exclusivity and excellence of Made in Italy.

The Collection
The knowledge of craftsmanship. A passion for creating beautiful things. Carefully selected materials exclusively produced in Italy. This is what has inspired the flash collection: classic lines combined with innovative shapes and attention to every single detail gives a timeless elegance to the entire collection. With its stunning simplicity and exquisite taste, the Landi’s creation will add a small touch of art in your everyday life.