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With great pleasure and adrenaline Fashion Trend FTL MODA is at work to finalize details of the presentation that will be under the spotlight on February 15th at the Angel Orensanz Foundation.

Fashion Trend – The list of FTL MODA Designers:

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About FTL:
FTL ARE READY AND WELCOMING  COLLECTIONS  FOR THE FUTURE OF STYLE AND CLASS AND WITH AN EYE ON INNOVATION AND BRAVERY. FTL MODA joins forces with Modelle & Rotelle and the Municipality of Milan to launch an International fashion show featuring able-bodied models and wheelchairs user models under the new concept FTL MODA LOVING YOU.

Carmen Steffens 2016 Summer Collection

Adriana Lima and Toni Garrn to Walk the Runway at Carmen Steffens 2016 Summer Collection  NYFW Debut

Carmen Steffens 2016 Summer CollectionCarmen Steffens 2016 Summer Collection

Carmen Steffens 2016 Summer Collection in high style with its NYFW debut on the worldwide acclaimed platform of FTL MODA.

At 5 pm on Sunday, September 13th, the spotlights (or, better yet, the amazing chandeliers of the Vanderbilt Hall) will turn to the Carmen Steffens 2016 Summer collection, with a most prestigious show by the Brazilian maison which, with Adriana Lima and Toni Garrn opening and closing the runway presentation in front of a confirmed audience of highly esteemed fashion influencers, can only be described in one word, “excellence.”

Widely recognized as one of the most renowned and worldwide distributed South American fashion labels, with more than 505 stores across 18 countries, Carmen Steffens now continues its international growth by presenting the glam and energetic vibe of its collection on the most acclaimed runways of the official fashion calendar. Founder and owner,  Mario Spaniol,  who has personally followed every detail of the NYFW process and has continuously been in contact with FTL MODA’s creative team, commented on the NYFW debut, “We are extremely happy to be able to bring the DNA of our Brazilian brand to such a prestigious international fashion week.  Carmen Steffens, throughout its 22 years, has achieved many goals, including becoming the fastest internationally growing Brazilian fashion brand, and we now aim to have stores in as many as 35 countries by 2025.”

Known by its exuberant and unique personality, the Carmen Steffens brand will present a full womenswear collection that merges contemporary trends with an edgy cosmopolitan touch.

The FTL MODA team, working on style and artistic glam for the show, includes Italian stylist Pablo Patane, the gorgeous touch of Israeli MUA Einat Dan for make-up, the incredible special effects of Valeria Orlando and hair styling under the signature look of Fox & Jane Salon in Manhattan.

“We only wanted the best for this very special debut, not only because the label is prestigious and recognized worldwide, but especially because of the passion and love for the brand that we felt when meeting the owner and artistic vision behind Carmen Steffens. We found ourselves at home, and we are sure New York will do so too,” commented Ilaria Niccolini, producer of FTL MODA.

Carmen Steffens at FTL MODA NYFW opens doors at 4 pm, on September 13th, and show starts promptly at 5 pm.

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This is actually AMAZING.


An 18-year-old model from Australia named Madeline Stuart is officially going to be walking at New York Fashion Week in September. While that’s a HUGE accomplishment for any young model, for Madeline it’s even more.

Why? Because even though Madeline has Down syndrome, she is still going to be DOMINATING the cat work. YAAAS, GIRL, YAAAS!

Madeline’s mom, Rosanne, spoke to reporters about the world being ready for her daughter to walk in NYFW:

“The world is ready. The world wants to be inclusive, it just hasn’t had anyone on such a platform that they were able to do it easily. I remember when I was a child at school, people were homophobic and things like that, and now it’s cool to be gay! Imagine in 10 years what society will be like for people with disabilities. It’s not going to be how it is now, it’s going to be the norm. It’s probably going to be cool to hang out with someone who has an intellectual disability because you know that they care more about emotions than they do about the materialistic world. Everyone’s going to want that friend to teach them what true love is.”


Congratulations, Madeline! Talk about being an inspiration!

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.17.37 PM


Tom Rebl – Dadamatix Trailer

Dadamatix Trailer SS16 Collection by Tom Rebl at Paris Fashion Week – June, 23rd 2015 an FTL Moda presentation World premiere of short film “Spirit of Our Time”, starring Benedetta Barzini and Francky O’ Right.
Special guests Pino Pipoli, Andy Fumagalli, Arturo Brachetti, Sergio Carnevale, and more.
Costume design by Tom Rebl
Accessories by Antonio Urzi’
Director Livia Alcalde
Creative director & stylist Pablo Patane’
Editing director Irene Cacciarini
Key Make up artist Valeria Orlando
Assistant Producer Nicoletta Fuse’
Associate Producer Myra Postolache
Executive producers Roberto Bordini, Tom Rebl
Producer Ilaria Niccolini
Showroom management Filippo Gallo, Frida Barck.
Watch it here:



LAJOLLA FILM FESTIVAL: Hundreds of fashion filmmakers from around the world will be in attendance, packing a theater of 500 seats to be enthralled by the top 1% of fashion films produced worldwide at the upcoming 7th year of LJIFFF. LEARN MORE

We could not be prouder of our team!
FTL MODA proudly announces the nomination of its team at LAJOLLA FILM FESTIVAL with the International Fashion Film Awards- Global Excellence.
Best Make Up
Best Costume
Director: Aviv Kosloff and Einat Dan
Stylist: Pablo Patane’
Costumes: Maison Antonio Urzi’
Make Up and Body Painting: Einat Dan
Hair: Maleeq Oz
Models: Nina de Lianin – Lex Olsen – Clemens Buchwald
Make Up assistant: Beatrice Contino

New York Fashion Week and London Fashion week 2016

New York Fashion Week and London Fashion week 2016. Submissions are open with special packages for international designers. Optional 2 Day showroom activation for the trade at The Fitzpatrick Manhattan. For more information contact us on the email provided below.


New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week


About Fashion Trend Leaders

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Press Office Ilaria Niccolini Production.
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After a worldwide acclaimed presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York, FTL MODA delivered another one-of-a-kind performance for Milan Fashion Week
The Milan activation presented a static/dynamic performance that pushed the two top brands of its FW2015 Season, Hendrik Vermeulen and Antonio Urzì, to go beyond their limits, while touching on contemporary art.

March 5th 2015 – Milan. FTL MODA marked its FW2015 presentations, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and in Milan for Milan Fashion Week, with vision and inspiration offering two performances defined as ‘innovative, unique, sophisticated’ by world media.
The runway at Lincoln center escalated from the warm and appealing vibrancy of Hendrik Vermeulen’s colors to the robotic and theatrical looks by Antonio Urzì, passing thruogh intermediate steps focusing on the romance of heavy silks by Rozalia Bot, and of precious leather by Landi Accessories.

The Milan presentation was all about arts, light, and a theatrical set which allowed the audience to feel connected with the scene, with the models and with the dresses and costumes.
The New York presentation also launched the FTL MODA LOVING YOU spin-off, the first runway in the official calendars of the fashion industry to welcome disabled models to the catwalk.

“A lot of media asked me if it was courageous, indeed it was: we knew we would break the rules… and we love to do that” says producer Ilaria Niccolini. “Our goal was to help the world understand that disability is pretty much only in our minds… these fantastic talents are capable of anything, given the opportunity… and certainly to shine with class, with soul, and with a beauty that goes beyond limits. With my team we wanted to make this ‘normal’, and we can already see that it’s happening”.
The FTL MODA LOVING YOU runway in NYC was presented in collaboration with Fondazione Vertical, an Italian foundation providing funds to scientific research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Both for the NY runway and for the Milan runway, FTL MODA partnered with Models of Diversity in London, and with Global Disability Inclusion in UK.
The Milan step began with a cocktail reception at The Boscolo Hotel, hosted by the iLoby organization. FTL MODA presented a sneak peek of the main show scheduled for March 1st,with the participation of spokesmodels Jack Eyers from London and Shaholly Ayers. and with the presence of actress Elisabetta Pellini, wearing Hendrik Vermeulen as testimonial for Models of Diversity and Global disability. Showgirl Mariana Rodrigues instead wore a futuristic look by designer Antonio Urzì.

On Saturday FTL MODA held an After Party tribute to its NY Fashion Week presentation at the Glamour House in Milan, where designers and models wore spectacular dresses and showed the amazing body painting and make up designed for the occasion.
And finally on Sunday, March 1st, at the Cross Industrial Loft in Milan, the main presentation, that was celebrated as extremely innovative and sophisticated, was presented under the artistic vision and choreography of FTL MODA’s Art Director Pablo Patanè.

Founded in 2007 by Ilaria Niccolini Production, FTL Moda has been presenting runway shows internationally and has established itself within the Italian fashion community as a bridge for Proudly Made in Italy to showcase at an international level. FTL MODA has been recognized by the Italian government of the Region of Lombardy as the official platform to support Made in Italy in the world.

Make up was provided by Federica Cocco, body painter, Sabrina Pinsone and Mara De Marchi make up artists.
Hairstyle was handled by maestro Zeo Baldi.
Prosecco Casanova and Lioness Vodka also supported the event in Milan, as they previously did with the New York Presentation.

For information and interviews or for the upcoming shows:
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FTL Moda, headed by Antonio Urzi, who has designed costumes for Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, made history this week when they featured male amputee – Jack, a British personal trainer, to walk the New York Fashion Week runway.

Models in wheelchairs and crutches also strutted their stuff at the show.

The show was in collaboration with Fondazione Vertical – an Italian foundation that supports research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The collection, titled “FTL Moda Loving You” featured leather and metal materials with a heavy use of gold and silver body paint.

Jack, who lost one leg at 16 due to Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency had this to say about his runway debut, as told to Daily Mail“It all feels so surreal. I can’t believe this is actually happening. To be the first male amputee model on a New York Fashion Week runway feels amazing – it feels like such a big deal.”

On his motivation to walk the runway, he said, “I just want to show that having a disability doesn’t need to hold you back.”

He wants this to become more commonplace, adding, “I want people to see me, and to realise that there needs to be more disabled models walking the runway.”

Above are some of the looks – Be inspired!